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Hi friends. I've been doing the Makeup and Vanity Set [MAVS] thing now for 15 years and over that period of time I have amassed a lot (a lot) of music. Some of that music winds up on records that I'll put out myself or sometimes that will come out through a record label. A lot of it ends up living a sad life on Soundcloud or in a dark, creaky Dropbox folder, until now_ A subscription here isn't just a giant data dump of files- I want it to be a little more interactive. Over the summer I got into the habit of making a track every morning while I slammed my coffee. Pretty quickly I had 19 songs. Later the same year, I made a horror-themed track every day during the month of October, ending with 31 songs. I want to keep doing things like that, I want to provide them here, directly to people who want to hear them. It's also a cool way for us to stay in touch + be buds. Either way, I'll be adding records to the subscription, adding exclusive stuff, making it worth your while, and for really not more than you'd pay for a vinyl record or two_ speaking of which, subscribers get 10% off of all physical merch too.

Hope yr doing well.


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Makeup and Vanity Set
Nashville, Tennessee
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